What is so special about today's date, Christmas and Easter?

We write todays date without giving thought as to what it is all about. We celebrate Christmas and for some reason a man with a red suit with reindeers and snow comes up, but why? At Easter we have a four day holiday and celebrate with chocolate eggs without any explanation as to what Easter is really all about.

Chrismas is a reminder of Jesus coming to earthEaster celebrates Jesus' death and resurrection from the dead

These holidays are a reminder of the most important event in human history. The coming to earth of our creator we call Jesus the Christ, or saviour. Jesus is the human face of God. Today’s date is connected to the time that Jesus took on humanity. Jesus had to come into humanity in order to show us He is real, and He choose to show us His love by taking upon Himself the punishment for our disobedience. He went through a very shameful death when He was crucified on a cross. He was buried and on the third day rose from the dead. He had to take on humanity in order to die. In heaven there is no death, but on earth death of our physical body is very real.

Today's date:  
Why do we have todays date? Because it comes from the most important event in human history.

Christmas celebrates His birth, or his entry into humanity, while Easter celebrates His death and resurrection from the dead. This is worth celebrating.

If we did not have the real reason for having and celebrating these dates, then death would be the end.


God’s truth
These days represent very important events and are worth celebrating.
The Devil’s deception
Enjoy a four day holiday even if there is no reason for it.