Is there a devil and demons?

Not many people are asking this question, but it is still very important. The primary question, "Is there a God?" leads to the question, is there an enemy of God and if there is, why?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the angels were his servants. There is a difference between the eternal and spiritual side compared with the human and temporary life. Our life has limitations, while the spiritual life has a far greater freedom. Yet even with the angels, God did not just want puppets, or pets. He wanted his servant angels to have freedom to choose to serve. Lucifer headed up a rebellion and wanted to take over, but God clearly put him and his fellow angels down to earth. Lucifer is called Satan or the devil and the other fallen angels are demons. He did not destroy them immediately, but He will one day have them bound in Hell forever.

He gave them the freedom on earth where they were to test humanity so when the end is to come, God will welcome into His perfect kingdom all those who have used their freedom to choose to follow God. While those who reject God’s way will follow the way of Satan.

There are two kingdoms on earth and we need to choose which kingdom we want to be a part of.

There is the Kingdom of Darkness and Evil

  • Satan or the Devil and Evil Spirits
  • Lying and deception
  • Hatred and murder
  • Unfaithfulness and adultery
  • Pride, greed, selfishness, and stealing
  • Immorality, lust and perversion
  • False Religions and worshipping idols
  • Addictions, abuse, trusting luck and not trusting God
  • Using God’s name as a swear word
  • Judgement and Hell

There is also the Kingdom of Light and Love

  • God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Eternal life in Heaven with the family of God
  • No Pain, suffering in Heaven, or fear in death
  • Love, patience and kindness
  • Joy, peace and purpose for this life
  • Faithfulness and God’s help in marriage
  • Purity and freedom
  • Self-control and empowerment
  • God’s creativity for you and through you
  • The privilege of serving God and being His ambassador in your world
  • Judgement and reward

From this you get a picture of what is happening on this earth. The conflict between what God stands for and what His enemy is pushing, is very real. As an example, God says; “Do not murder’. Just look at what is happening in the world around you. Every day you will see in the media clearly what God’s enemy is pushing, but very rarely will you see clearly what God stands for. In your heart, what pleases you more, a good news story or a bad news story?

The victory over Satan will be a real battle, depending on how much control you have given him. The power of God, with the authority of the name of Jesus, along with claiming the death and resurrection of Jesus will set you free from the power of Satan. You may need other believers to pray for you, but God wants to set you free. Do not be deceived by the lies of Satan but choose to live in the kingdom of light and love forever.

What is important to know is that God does love everyone, but not everyone’s sinful behaviour.

Temptation itself is not sin, but the doorway to sin. You need to be careful that you do not go through the doorway of sin, but follow God’s way. Whenever you do go through this doorway you will need to repent of your sins and this means turning around and leaving the pathway of sin.


God’s truth
The Devil and demons are very real and you need to be very aware of their influence.
The Devil’s deception
You can follow us and we will give you pleasure.