Life's Most Important Questions

Question 1: Is there a God who designed & created all things?

Is God true, or is he just an enticement into religion? But the real starting point is; Do you want to know the truth whether there is an intelligent designer that we call God and whether you can live forever in Heaven, or if you reject him does he cast you into hell? God will not force us to believe him and love him. God has given us freedom to choose if we want to know him, or reject him.

Question 2: Is Jesus Christ the human face of God?

Jesus is God’s way of revealing himself to humanity. Another very important step in understanding the evidence that there is a God, is to look closely at how God has revealed himself to the humans. If there is a purpose for our existence, then God needed to make it clear to us as to why he created us. This is why we need to understand what part Jesus Christ has in showing us the reality of God and the purpose for our existence.

Question 3: How can I live forever?

Death of the body is not the end, but a time of transformation. You can live forever in God’s pure and perfect heaven where there is no sickness, no death and no evil behaviour, overwhelmed by love, peace, beauty, purpose and enjoyment. There is life beyond the death of our physical body. If believe in Jesus and follow him, you will become one of God’s children in his eternal family and be forever thankful that you have made the most important decision of your life.

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Is there a God? Can I live forever?

Explore these two options, they are very important.

There is NO God

We are here by pure chance.
When we die it is all over.
We are not answerable to a higher power.
The Bible is not telling the truth.
I want to run my life my way.

YES there is a God

We were designed and created.
There is a Heaven and Hell.
We will give an account for our lives to God.
The Bible is the Word of God.
God loves you and wants to give you a gift of eternal life.

You have the freedom to choose, but there are eternal consequences.

Eternity is not just a long time, it is forever.

The evidence for God is overwhelmingly clear if you are willing to look at it. The barrier is not a lack of evidence, but a lack of willingness to look at the evidence.

Spend some time at each of these very important questions.