Is the Bible more than just a religious book?

Is the Bible more than just another religious book? There is clear evidence that the Bible is very different from all other books, as is tells the truth about God.

The Bible is not just a religious book, but God’s word to humanity

What the Bible says has a direct effect on the Christian belief as it is clearly seen not just as a religious book, but God’s word to humanity. The Bible has to be telling the truth, or it has to be completely false. To be a book that contains some truth makes it impossible to believe as there would be no way of knowing what is true and what is false.

Other religious books respect the Bible, but the Bible cannot respect other religious books, because the Bible condemns false religion.

God empowered about 40 different people over 1,600 years to record what part God had to play in human history, in the nation of Israel and the beginning of the Church which focuses on Jesus the Christ.

The Bible has 2 main sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New did not replace the Old, but it showed the fulfilment of many things spoken about in the Old Testament.

In the Bible you will see how God has shown his active involvement in human history. It is not as though God is some distant deity and we cannot have a personal relationship with him. His help, wisdom and empowerment is seen by millions of people around the world every day. The Bible gives us clear details of this.

When you follow the Word of God closely, your life will reflect the beautiful and powerful character of God. Whenever you see things in the church that is not good and not helpful, it is because humanity does not always follow God’s pure way.

There is overwhelming more evidence for the reliability of the Bible than any other book written by people who lived at the same time as the history of the Bible.

Caesar 100-44 BC AD 900 1,000 Years 10
Plato 427-347 BC AD 900 1,200 Years 7
Thucydides 460-400 BC AD 900 1,300 Years 8
Tacitus AD 100 AD 900 1,000 Years 20
Seutonius AD 75-160 AD 1,100 1,000 Years 8
Homer (Iliad) 900 BC 400 BC 500 Years 643
New Testament AD 40-100 AD 125 25-50 Years 24,000


God’s truth
The Bible is God’s word and you can trust it completely.
The Devil’s deception
The Bible is just a religious book and it has many mistakes.