How can God help me?

When God says He loves us and it is not just with good thoughts, but He wants to help us and give us wisdom and strength through difficult times. Love is not just a word, but compassion and caring.  

Throughout the Scriptures God has given us clear commands and these commands were given for our benefit. He wants us to be in line with His own character as He is a God of compassion, mercy, peace, forgiveness, grace and purpose. He knows what is best for us and His desire for us is clear. He wants to help us to be strong in our faith and fulfilled in our purpose of life.

Every one of us faces real stressful challenges at many times in our life. They can come from physical issues, relationship issues, cultural issues, natural disasters, or other pressures that we have to go through.

The question is what help can I get from God. God who knows all things and He knows that we are going through tough times, but will He help me? We need to look closely what life is really about and how does God see us.

Because He is committed to give us freedom we have to make a clear decision as to whether we want God’s help, or not. We were born into an imperfect world where there are natural issues that we all have to contend with. There are the challenges of nature like floods, earthquakes, bush fires etc. There is our physical state, as in sickness, the aging process and death. There is also the relationship issues within marriage and families, within our society and cultural and religious issues that can adversely affect us.

There are three responses we can have when we face these challenges.

  1. We can ignore, or reject God’s help and wisdom

  2. We can receive God’s help to strengthen us and guide us through the problem, or

  3. God can remove the problem

There are many issues in life that God will not remove, but He will give you His strength and comfort as you go through these times of need.

God will give you His strength and comfort as you go through these times of need

Ignoring or rejecting God is in fact saying I don’t want your input into my life, I want to be in charge and I will take responsibility for what happens.

Or if you want God’s help you need to earnestly seek His help. It is not as though you have to talk a reluctant God to take action. He wants us to trust him and seek to walk in a way that honours him. Too many people, God seems like a distant Deity and is only interested in doing what He chooses.

For the follower of Jesus, death does not have a sting as although it might come about by what we see as a tragic event, God sees the big picture and in heaven we won’t give a thought about the past life as the new life will be so overwhelming.

The really difficult issues like physical sickness, or emotional stress, we will need God’s strength to help us through.

If you are having a tough time in your marriage, you both need to answer important questions. Do you want God’s help in your marriage? Do you want His solution?

If you say NO then you are leaving God out of the solution and you have to carry the burden on your own.

Many people these days have allowed God’s enemy called the devil to have a greater control in their life. This will be a very dangerous path to be going down and it will show itself in addictions, or occult practices, or other things that God does not approve of and has an influence over their life. The important question is; Do you want to be set free and do you want God’s help?


God’s truth
God loves you from the moment He started to create you. If you are married, He wants you to have a secure, faithful and happy marriage as He designed it to be.
The Devil’s deception
You can do whatever you want to do and ignore what the Bible says.