There is a God who loves you, and we want to help you get to know him, and to provide answers to some big questions you might have.


About Great Commission Ministry Inc.

Our Vision for the future.

The ‘Great Commission’ was given to us by our Lord, commanding us to go into all the world and proclaim the ‘Good News’ to all people. If they reject the message it is their responsibility, if they have not heard the ‘Good News’ it is our responsibility. The first barrier we need to deal with is ignorance of the truth. We also need to empower and inspire believers to share the truth.

Great Commision Ministry’s Purpose

  1. To publish and distribute literature both written and electronic that will empower Christians to proclaim the Gospel.
  2. To provide training opportunities to empower Christians to proclaim the Christian faith and teach others.
  3. To provide materials and training that will help new Christians become strong in their faith.
  4. To provide leadership training opportunities for mature Christians.

Our vision is to spread the ‘Truth’ as far as possible and help as many people as possible into God’s kingdom.

Training opportunities

Our task is to equip people for the work of the ministry. We all need help in being better prepared to share our faith. Great Commission Ministry is offering a variety of training programs to suit your requirements. We would encourage Churches to show maturity opening the training to believers attending other Churches. Our main training is called, ‘Time of POWER’ which stands for:- Preparing Ourselves for Witness, Evangelism and Revival.
We also are able to train believers who have the opportunity of reaching Chinese people. The training can be conducted in Mandarin or English.


For more information visit: www.gcm.org.au